What is MeowMeowCookie?

‘Meow’ is the way for cats to communicate with humans. MeowMeowCookie is a group of funny and happy cookie cats who want to make you happy.


When I create my cat cookies, I incorporate my love and thanks to the happy pets I had when I was little. They always made me happy as a kid. Therefore, the spirit of MeowMeowCookie is to pass the happiness they gave to me on to others. … MeowMeowCookie was born! Actually MeowMeowCookie is my heart for pets. Animals can’t speak like humans. Therefore, I would like to tell you how lovely animals are.


Pets breathe as we do, are warm and comfort us when we are upset. If you love pets more or start to love pets after meeting MeowMeowCookie, that is great. If not, it is completely fine but please don’t hurt them.

Make with love, 多謝大家


The creator of MeowMeowCookie 喵喵曲奇創作人上